You know you want to be her.

Menu du Jour

As I was working through some of the more dull aspects of running around collecting intelligence recently (I know you are curious, and yes it is classified), the thought occurred to me that some of you may be wondering why I picked yoga. It doesn’t seem very spy like when one thinks about it, does it? And in some ways, I suppose this is true.

However, you will not find talk of the universe rising to meet you or inflated spirituality up in this bitch, though I can’t prevent some of this in the resources that are available (my influence only extends so far). Yoga does allow me to focus perfectly and shut out external stimuli and internal noise while honing flexibility and strength–all integral in the life of a spy. That being said, day three of our Mission Objective is upon us.

1.) Gentle yoga sequence/warm up:

2.) 20 min. Core Strength Yoga Sequence

3.) 10 min. practicing Baby Bakasana (Baby Crow)

4.) Seated Sequence:

5.) 100 Burpees

6.) Hit at least 10,000 steps

As always, good luck. & smoochies, darlings. 😘


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