Run for your life…

Did you think I was dead? It is only reasonable after disappearing for a couple of days with no word of warning. Your concern is touching, it truly is.

You see, I had to run a half marathon on Saturday. My mark was avidly training, and joining his running group was about the only way I could get close to him and begin to work on extracting information. I may have won my mark, however, I did not win the race. Seriously. Sprint in pursuit over short distances? SURE! Run 13.1 miles very quickly all in one stretch? I guess also sure (I did it after all), but not without SERIOUS COSTS. Fortunately playing the flirtatious cripple post race really endeared me to said mark, so it wasn’t all a loss.

Regardless, my burpee game took a hit. I took Sunday off from all activity except for walking 17,000 steps as moving about was about the only time my IT bands weren’t irritating me. And yesterday was back to business as usual–no more mission, back to boring ol’ cover life and the burpee/yoga challenge. I am sure all of you kept up without me while I was away, yes?

Mission Objective:

See you back in the fray. Smoochies, darlings.


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